• Image of Lake Eyre Rectangle Chiffon Scarf
  • Image of Lake Eyre Rectangle Chiffon Scarf
  • Image of Lake Eyre Rectangle Chiffon Scarf

An occurrence that only happens a few times each century, flood waters start their journey to Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, one of the largest saltwater lakes in the world.

The Lake Eyre Basin region covers approximately 1.2 million sq km of central Australia. It represents 17 per cent of the Australian continent. One of the systems that run into the basin is Cooper Creek, photographed here at the inlet, from the helicopter.

The spectacular colours in the landscape are caused by the flood water interacting with algae and the salt.
The large size scarf is designed to give versatility of use by wrapping and wearing them in several different ways - a beach wrap, shoulder throw or a halter-neck top.

Created by award winning photographer, helicopter pilot and fashion designer Robyn Hills, iconic photos are printed onto fabric and hand-tailored into 'wearable art'. Give a stylish gift that will be talked about – reminding them of you each time it's worn. These unique pieces are conversation starters.

Gift boxed for a lovely presentation, each comes with the story and a miniature of the original photo that inspired the design.
The beautiful recycled eco friendly craftwood box has 'ROBYNgraphs' embossing in gold foil – creating excitement when opening your gift.
The wearer will be delighted at how often they get complimented on their scarf – retelling the story of you giving it to them.

• Dry cleaning is recommended
• 100% polyester chiffon, hand-finished with machine stitched edges
• Designed in Australia by Robyn Hills, Made in China
• Large 90 x 180cm / 35 x 70"

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