• Image of Cirrus Vision Jet- Pocket Square
  • Image of Cirrus Vision Jet- Pocket Square

At Knoxville, Tennessee - a field of vision, ground-breaking technology and innovation. Your personal jet.

• Description: This pocket square is perfectly sized to fold several different ways to put into the breast pocket of your suit jacket, without being bulky. Folded diagonally in half twice to make a triangular top or hold all the corners upright and push the centre down into the pocket or pleat it for a modern straight top look.

Created by award winning photographer, helicopter pilot and fashion designer Robyn Hills, iconic photos are printed onto fabric and hand-tailored into ‘wearable art’. Give a stylish gift that will be talked about – reminding them of you each time it’s worn. These unique pieces are conversation starters.

• Packaging details: Presented in a white card window mount to reveal the design and sealed in a glassine case for protection until the recipient unpacks it to wear. Each comes with the story and a miniature of the original photo that inspired the design

The wearer will be delighted at how often they get complimented on their pocket square - telling the story of you giving it to them.

• Gently hand wash in warm water and gentle soap.

• Fabric Type: Crepe de Chine
A light and fine woven fabric that is satisfyingly lustrous, it consists of a delicate texture with an exceptional drape.

• Size: 25 x 25cm / 10 x 10”

• Made by hand in Australia